The right advice about your Will means that all your wishes will be followed exactly, so you know those you love will be cared for.

Make sure you can decide

If you do not make a Will, legal rules direct who inherits your property meaning your friends or favourite charities may receive nothing. Making a Will means you can specify exactly what will happen to your property after you die. Therefore, a Will is recommended for everyone.

If you are not married to your partner, or if you have children or other dependants who cannot care for themselves, you should make a Will.

We can also advise upon the setting up, running and termination of trusts. We can explain in simple English, the nature and advantages of the various types of trusts and the advantages and pitfalls involved.

Seeing a Solicitor means you have the opportunity to discuss your wishes with an independent third party. Our solicitors will guide you to the best solutions to put your wishes into effect and where appropriate, can provide inheritance tax advice.

There are many legal rules regarding the signing of a Will which must be adhered to if the Will is to be valid. For that reason, you should contact one of our solicitors to discuss your wishes.


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