In most cases legal aid is not available in road traffic cases, and finding yourself in court for a driving offence can be a very daunting prospect.

Make you sure you take advice on your position early, it may be the difference between losing and keeping your licence.

We understand that in most cases, your priority if charged with a road traffic offence is to keep your right to drive. 12 points does not automatically mean a loss of licence, and we may be able to make the difference in court.

Road traffic law and procedures are complex, and there may be legal arguments available to you that you would not be aware of without specialist advice, for example exceptional hardship arguments when you are faced with losing a licence due to accrued points, or special reasons for driving with too much alcohol in your system.

We have experienced advocates who deal with all aspects of road traffic offences, from failing to stop at a red light, to causing death by dangerous driving.

If you cannot afford for us to attend court in person we can still assist by providing initial advice and attendance for a fixed fee. In some cases we can draft a letter of mitigation that can be sent to the court in advance, so you do not need to worry about addressing the magistrates yourself.


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